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Guest post is a great way to create an online reputation, it involves publishing your content on the website of another person. It is a good way to build relationships and also increasing traffic to your blog by reaching to readers of the blog for which you are writing. Guest posts help to increase the traffic by allowing the author one or two links to his blog. It creates a chance to reach followers of the blog you are writing and building a strong reader base.

Guidelines For Guest Post:

1. Always use fresh content and ensure that no copyright laws are violated.
2. Completely avoid the use of any content that has been published before or used somewhere else.
3. Carefully proofread your post before submission for grammar and spelling mistakes.
4. Product promotion is not allowed so, avoid the use of self-promoting language.
5. Include headings, subheadings, conclusion and author bio in your post the minimum word count accepted is 700.
6. After submitting your post respond to the comments in a timely manner.
7. By submitting your post, you agree to the policy that we have the right to edit your post in the future.

You may not receive a response, if you don't follow these guidelines.

How to submit:

We welcome guest posts, the topics we publish include web development, digital marketing, mobile applications, and all software categories.

The focus of this blog is is to provide readers vivid content relating to technology and keep them updated with the latest trends. All the categories are trending part of the recent developments in technology. While we specialize in all digital marketing and web development trends. Educational software, CRM Software, and MLM software are our prime software products but we accept entries on all topics related to software and mobile apps. We always appreciate authors for adding some unique viewpoints to make these topics, even more interesting and worth reading.

1. After checking your article for all the above guidelines email your content to .
2. You can also add one link to your blog.
3. Entries are expected in the word format. You will get a response in maximum 5-7 working days after submitting your post.
Note:* Image is Mandatory, Without Image we can't accept the guest blog, and image should be related to blog, Image size should be 720px * 350px.

Mandatory fields that should be included in the word file:

1. Headline:
Unique headline grabs the attention of a reader and draws him into reading the complete story.
2. Description:
Readers always expect content that gives them something new and covers a topic that is unknown to them.
3. Conclusion or summary of the post:
Providing an overview of the written content gives a reader best chance to get grasp the topic.
4. Author biography:
You deserve your share of name and fame, including author bio also helps in creating a strong reader base followers of your blog.
5. Contact Email id:
To stay in touch with the publisher your contact details are crucial.

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