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Google Analytics Tool - Learn About Traffic Tutorial Procreation

This tutorial helps you in getting the Google Analytics Report on traffic acquisition. Firstly you have to must know Why Google Analytics Tool use?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool is provided by “Google”, this tool is very useful for knowing the Traffic sources, Number of visitors on your website, Traffic Behavior, Traffic Audience, Mobile Traffic, Traffic Acquisition Strategy, About Search Traffic Analysis, Behavior, and Conversions.
Analytics Tool is a simple setup that shows how many visitors are on your site, from which location, how long time they will stay etc. It saves a huge amount of time. Firstly you will have to sign in Google Analytics Tool. After the signup, you will get a window and you have to choose Reporting from the above side Menu, after a click on it you will find this window.
In the above image, in the left side menu, you will see some options which are discussed in detail.
Google Analytics Dashboards
In this option, your website folder exists. It shows new visits, unique visitors, visits by browser, bounce rate etc of your website. You can check these through a particular date.
New visits:
In Google Analytics, a visitor to a website is identified as being new if the device does not already have one of the Web Analytics system's tracking cookies.
Unique Visitors:
How many people viewed or interacted with your content on the website within a specific date range.
Bounce Rate:
Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).
Overview: In the overview option, you will see here how many visitors are active from which location on your site, what page is opened of your site with the keywords detail and from which site user are visited (i.e. if anyone visit your site through naukri.com then it will show in the source of top referral)

Real-time Visiter 

Overview: In the audience option, It shows total visits, total unique visitors, total page/visit, Avg. visit duration, bounce rate, new visits. You can also check by which language users are visited, how many visitors are visited from a particular country and city. By which browser and operating system users are visiting.
Google Analytics GEO
Geo: It includes Language and Location. In the Language section, it displays all the languages by which users are visited at your site and user numbers from a particular language. 
Acquisition Overview
It shows acquisition, behavior and conversion reports that how many visitors are visited through organic search (SEO), direct, referral and social.
Organic search- Search through keywords on Google or other search engines
Direct- Search through direct URL
Referral- Search through another site like job search portal or etc.
Social- Search through social network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
Google Analytics Acquisition 
 In the above image, if you click on Organic search then you will see visits that are searched by keywords. Look like this similarly, you can see the direct, referral and Social visits.
  • Organic search
  • Direct Search  
  • Referral 
Google Analytics Referral Search 
Google Analytics Social Search 
Behavior: It shows the total number of pages of your website viewed. If you visit the website and look at the home page, about page, and contact page then it will be count as 1 visit and 3 page views.
Site Content
Exit pages: This section gives you how many people leave your site from a particular page, page views and % Exits. “%Exit” provides you with information about where your visitors are leaving from.
                % Exit = total number of exits / Total number of the page view

Google Analytics Exit Pages 

Hence Google Analytics tool works effectively and if you want to know the daily activities of your website then you may use this Tool, it is free by Google. Go through this link for Google Analytics.
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