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Planning To Invest In Network Marketing Business? Know The MLM Plans First!

Multilevel marketing or network marketing business is flourishing at a much faster speed globally. People looking for good returns with low investment, MLM business is the ultimate option.
Also, those who has excellent leadership qualities will surely make amazing profits with businesses. Besides, one can also become member as a representative and not the owner of the business plan and earn huge profit.
Joining any business plan either with a package or by paying an enrollment fee, one can make their network by spreading own marketing strategies and ability. Making strong contacts and doing business with words of mouth is all about direct selling business. Such contacts are useful and one must not ignore it at any stages of the business life. By recruiting a strong team, making business to progress sharply and deepens the downline users, thus, a regular income flows in the form of bonus and commission. On successfully achieving the target, members gets promoted to the next higher level and the process continues depending on the chosen business plan.
So, if someone is planning to invest in the network marketing business, it is important to know about different types of MLM plans and why direct selling software should be implemented in the business system?
Check out below-mentioned different multi-level marketing plans that individuals, network marketers and entrepreneurs can opt for depending upon their business requirement:
Binary MLM Plan
As the name Binary suggests number 2, under this plan, 2 distributors will be placed by the sponsor under him/her as distributor. To be more precise, this network plans will have two parts one at the right and another at the left. This has a fixed width but no restrictions on the depth for adding distributor, a long network chain is formed. In general, two members are recruited as downline members, however, in case more than 2 distributors are recruited then they are placed at one of the distributors downline and is referred as Power leg. This process is called spillover. Another leg in the binary system is known as weaker leg.
Unilevel MLM plan
This is one of the easiest business plan to understand where one sponsor can recruit many distributors as his/her downline members, thus, the width is unlimited. The members get huge chance to earn profit where each members are given equal commission.
Forced Matrix MLM Plan
In this plan, there is a fixed number of members in rows and columns. Members are organized in a particular depth and width. It follows m*n pattern where m represent width and n denotes depth of the tree. The positions of the members here is filled by members serially from top to bottom and from left to right. Here, the number of members are limited in the group but still have huge scope of earning.
Board MLM Plan
Also known as Revolving or Cycle Matrix, Board plan in MLM is used by most of the direct selling companies. There are many concepts that are more important for the success of MLM companies. Considering this, it is one of the most preferred compensation plan in the network marketing business that is preferred by the companies.
Implementing MLM software in Board plan helps in earning excellent returns for the company that follows the plan proficiently. The number of members in the board can be 11, 7, 3 or any other that varies from company to company. Each members can earn commission after achieving the set targets. Also, the members can earn loyalty bonus, sponsor bonus and other types of bonuses on successful completion of the cut off value.
Single leg/Monoline MLM Plan
Here the members are added in the group that is added in the single or same line. Also known as Straight-line MLM plan, it is considered as one of the popular business plan for network marketers. Here, there is no compulsory level of the plan to follow or work. It is based on “First Come First Serve” basis. This linear plan offers members to regular chance to make income online that too on a regular basis. Also, it allows existing users to make money from every new person who joins the plan, without much efforts. Due to this, the plan has become very popular among MLM companies.
Stair-step MLM Plan
With this plan, MLM companies can build a strong as well as wide network with the help of associated distributors. For every level, there is a certain fixed percentage decided by the company and it goes deeper as the network progresses. Once the member achieves the set target, he becomes eligible for the pre-decided percentage of the income and the team break-away. For this, the member can get small commission for the entire group.
X-up MLM Plan
It is often known as modification of Unilevel plan & is considered as modern plan that is preferred by most of the MLM companies. It help members to earn huge profits. Here, if the downline members reaches the set target, then upline members gains huge profits. Due to the efforts of the downline members, upline members achieves targets within the pre-decided time.
According to this plan, commission is paid from the x level. For example, in an 4 x-up plan, when a member achieves need to have recruit 4 members under him/her so that they can pass two sales to the upline and gain profits from rest two members. Like this, the process continues.
Crowdfunding MLM Plan
This plan is used to raise funds in short time span. Those who want to start their own business and do not have sufficient funds, can opt to choose crowdfunding plan. Also, incorporation of MLM software to crowdfunding plan will boost the entire business process and helps in proper keeping of record. It is considered as the best option to become owner of an organization and start their own business.
Investment MLM Plan
It is one of the most basic and profitable plan that is available to individuals and members in the network marketing business with an aim to earning for what is being invested. Here, the person has to invest less and in return get high profit. Certain fixed percentage amount that the member will get is decided by the company.
These and many more MLM plans are available today in the direct selling business or word-of-mouth marketing business. Awapal offers fast, secure and reliable MLM Software that one can implement in their network marketing plan. This can prove ultimate platform to enhance MLM business for small-medium and large-sized company. Explore the website to learn more and boost your business.
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