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A Guide to Choosing the Best Learning Management System

With eLearning rising in popularity, it’s not surprising that innovative businesses and academic institutions are implementing learning management systems (LMS).
The right LMS makes storing and managing your educational content straightforward and convenient.
Considering that all training platforms are different, choosing the right one for your specific goals can be a challenge. This guide will help you to make an informed decision as you seek an ideal learning management system.
Here are ten key features that you should be looking out for:
1. Cloud Storage
Your LMS should facilitate easy storage for all of your course materials. Some modern LMS programs incorporate cloud storage so your administrators or users can easily access training materials at any time. Cloud storage isn’t limited to specific hardware, which makes it a more economical choice if you’re establishing a new training structure.
2. Multimedia Options
Engaging content yields results—according to research, a recent study has found that online learning is equal to obtaining education in a traditional setting. Make sure your learning management system allows you to upload videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and other unique content to diversify your course and captivate your learners.
3. Multi-Device Compatibility
Your training platform should be accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones. As today’s eLearners are not stationary at their desktops anymore, it’s imperative that you adapt to the mobile market.
4. Quizzes, Testing, and Certification
Your LMS should make it easy for you to create tests and quizzes, and verify the identities of the people taking them. You should also have a certification option available for when the course has been passed successfully.
5. Gamification and Rewards
Learning shouldn’t be boring. A great learning management system includes rewards programs, points, badges, games, and other exciting strategies to keep your learners thrilled about the course.
6. A User-Friendly Platform
Not everyone who uses your LMS is going to be tech-savvy, and that includes both instructors and students. Surprisingly, there are many convoluted training platforms on the market today that even the most seasoned IT professionals would have trouble using. Choose an LMS that makes both creating and accessing the learning course simple and straightforward for the teachers and learners.
7. Scalability
Whether you are looking for a training platform for five users or a team of five hundred, invest in an LMS that has the power and user capacity to provide for potential expansion. Small businesses often grow into larger-scale operations with more employees. By investing in the right learning management system, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming, expensive transitions later.
8. Customization Features
As your LMS directly represents your company or academic institution, you want your unique branding to shine through. Choose an LMS with plenty of customization options so you can be proud to show off your training platform.
9. Social Media Integration
It’s no secret that people are constantly on social media these days. While your LMS will include communication features such as discussion boards and messaging, being able to connect on Facebook or Google Plus is a huge advantage, as it engages both the students and the instructors.
10. Tracking and Feedback
Your course should be a work in progress. Make sure your learners can provide feedback so you know what works and what needs changing. Instructors should also be able to track student progress so that they can target the specific needs of individual students.
The learning management system that you use can greatly impact your eLearning program. Since reading about the features of a training platform isn’t enough, spend time trying demos and trials so you can figure out which LMS is the perfect fit. Invest in the future of your organization with the right LMS.
Author Bio: Frankie Gallery is a freelance writer, consultant, and tech expert from Brooklyn, New York. He is passionate about helping local businesses reach their full online potential using a wide variety of tools and techniques. When he’s not in front of his computer, he enjoys live music, trying new restaurants, and spending time with his wife and two sons.
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